September 15, 2000
Feast of the Sorrowful Mother Midnight Service
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. They're both in dark colors. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother has the Seven Swords in Her Heart. Blessed Mother says: “All praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My brothers and sisters, Our Hearts – Our United Hearts – are an open wound of love. But you have soothed our sorrowing Hearts with your presence here tonight, and so I will spread healing and deliverance among you. Understand, My children, that it is Our Hearts that sorrow for humanity and grieve for the unborn.” Jesus says He wants to touch all hearts here tonight in a special way. “My dearest children, in a certain and particular way I am blessing you this evening with My Blessing of the Sorrowful United Hearts, which will strengthen you amidst trial and adversity.”