September 21, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“My wonders will never cease. My Mercy is from age to age. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have compassion upon those who call upon Me. I show tenderness to the downtrodden, for I am Lord of every present moment.”

“You ponder, child, how it is the errant soul still causes Me to suffer, and how your sacrifices today can alleviate My Passion. In Heaven there is no time or space. Therefore, I still suffer for every sin committed and I am always victorious in every heart that is converted. It is your human limitations that makes it difficult to comprehend this. In Heaven, every present moment is all eternity. You do not fully understand eternity. But when I return, eternity will be given you. It will erase time as you know [it] and encompass earth.”

“Human knowledge is imperfect. I give to you the Divine.”