July 13, 2014
Feast of Rosa Mystica
Mary, Rosa Mystica

Our Lady comes as Rosa Mystica. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear daughter, the reason you have been given this cluster of Messages on obedience is this: My children around the world are being misled by corrupt leadership – both secular and religious. Many feel they must obey, even if they recognize the errors and political pressures of those who lead. These Messages have come to earth to bring to light that which those in powerful positions want hidden. If you obey evil, you empower evil.”

“Dear children, you must be a Light of Truth in the world. Do not pay heed to your reputation amongst men. It only matters what God thinks of you. In this same Light, I must pause to take to task those who call you disobedient, My daughter. You did everything Heaven asked to keep this Mission alive amidst controversy, rash judgment and lies. My Son could not allow His Work to succumb to these circumstances. We remain ecumenical apart from the control of any Church or political leader. We have worked diligently towards this end.”

“The goal that Heaven is trying to accomplish here is personal holiness and the salvation of souls. You cannot be disobedient in God's Eyes when you follow the Messages or come to the site to pray.”

“The joy of My Heart is those who listen to the Messages and obey the good grace of each word.”

“Make it known.”