September 25, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My messenger, the way to overcome evil is to uncover it, for as long as the enemy lies under cover of darkness hidden from view, he can flourish. This is how Satan attacks purity of heart:

Through the media – TV, radio, music, books, pornography, movies;

By disguising himself as freedom, such as promoting artificial birth control within a marriage as the right to choose;

By promoting abortions and birth control both in marriage and outside of marriage, making sex an act of enjoyment, and not procreation;

By labeling homosexuality an alternate lifestyle;

It is not. It is a sin.

By promoting immodest fashions, both male and female;

How numerous are the sins committed by giving a bad example or tempting another to unchaste thoughts and desires.

By compromising consciences to believe that extramarital affairs are acceptable;

He does this through the aforementioned media.”

“Satan's most profound lie that undermines chastity is that sex was created by God for human enjoyment, not procreation within a marriage. This is why self will has become the battleground of Satan and his cohorts. If love of self is more important to the soul than love of God and neighbor, Satan has an open door to the heart.”

“And so, I invite you to see that unclean spirits come to you every day through these various media and tactics of the adversary, for anything that opposes chastity is an evil spirit. It is up to the human will to unclothe Satan and choose good over evil.”

“Make it known.”