July 15, 2014
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” (His Mournful Heart is exposed.)

“I invite you to understand that there are many and various kinds of abuse of authority. A leader very often becomes power-hungry presuming too much importance and power against certain groups or against all of his followers. If his followers do not hold him accountable, his rampant empowerment is held more secure at the cost of freedom.”

“Another type of abuse of authority is weakness and failure to act when it is necessary. This empowers the opposition who is given free reign to take bold steps without consequence.”

“Sadly, your current president is guilty of both of these types of abuses. There is no confusion in the eyes of the enemies of this country. They know he will not take aggressive action against them. They know they can trick and talk their way around him. They know he is a politician – not a leader. This president's abuse of authority places the entire world in jeopardy!”

“Pray that he gains wisdom and through wisdom, strength. Pray that he recognizes the Truth.”