March 2, 2000
Jesus Christ

I [Maureen] was telling Jesus I was upset because I forgot my writing material on the way to pray. He said, “Have I not chosen your heart in all its iniquity to write My message of Divine Love upon? If I can use such an imperfect tablet, surely you can too.”

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come once again to continue to fill the world with this Message of Divine Love. Only when the heart of the world is transformed to resemble the Will of My Father, will I cease to suffer this Message unto My flock. I desire that the hearts of all assimilate this Message as if it were food. It is the Will of My Father. Food, indeed, disappears and becomes one with the body. So too, I desire that self will disappear in every soul and the Kingdom of the Divine Will reigns.”

” ‘How can this occur?' you may ask. I have sent My Mother ahead of Me with the way, which is Holy Love. When souls begin to allow their consciences to form under the Law of Love, they take the first steps to the Divine Will of God.”

“Every Chamber of My Heart opens to humanity through this Message of Holy and Divine Love. Oh, how I long that souls enter in, for this is the way to peace! As Our United Hearts beat as One, so I desire that the heart of the world beat in unison with Us. The more the soul surrenders to Me through love, the more I surrender to him. If you are surrendering, then a life steeped in virtue will be a sign to all that you are Mine. The more you surrender to virtue, the more the virtue becomes a part of you. Do nothing for your own glory, but all things for the glory of God. This will make you strong.”