August 3, 2014
God The Father

I see a Great Flame which I know is the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I Am the Eternal Now – the Creator of time and space – the Creator of light and darkness – the Creator of the air you breathe.”

“I come to be reconciled with the heart of man but the heart of the world seeks its own path amidst arrogance and error. Terrorism, moral degeneration and loss of the sense of My Existence are the bad fruits of the fractured relationship between Me and mankind.”

“I have established this Mission in the world as a means of man's return to Me. The way back to My Heart is forgiveness. Man must seek My forgiveness, then forgive himself and all others. Then, and only then, can we be reconciled.”

“But mankind in his error has chosen not to listen, to doubt and even oppose Me. Please understand, I do not place the value of title or authority above the salvation of souls. This is a bitter pill to those who see their salvation as resting upon position in the world.”

“Return to Me, your Father, in humility, acknowledging your weaknesses. Allow Me to be your strength. Allow Me to defend, protect and lead you as My little children. Give to Me a proper place in your heart.”