March 8, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I come to you in this moment of time to help you to discover the beauty of this precious present moment. Every precious moment is a unique opportunity of grace, which will be given but once. You can use it towards your salvation and the salvation of others, or you can let it elude you – never to return again.”

“You can capture the grace of this and any present moment simply by surrendering to the Divine Will of My Father. In this surrender you submit peacefully to whatever the moment holds for you, knowing that God – Who is infinite Wisdom Itself – will bring good from it. You are given as much grace as you need in the present to accomplish God's Will. Indeed, each moment is a treasure of grace if you open your heart to it.”

“Many miss the present because they await the future believing it to hold greater opportunities of grace. But if you cannot be trusted in small ways, why should I afford you something greater? If little miracles of My grace go unnoticed, why do you deserve even greater?”

“Be simple-hearted, seeing My Hand in each moment I give to you. I love those who abide in Me in such a way.”