March 18, 2000
Jesus Christ

Jesus comes with the United Hearts exposed on His chest. He says, “I am Jesus, born Incarnate. How few there are who enter this narrow gate! You must spend your life making this passageway to Heaven known. Let your prayer always be that those who hear this Message will allow it to resound in their souls bringing their hearts to perfection. While many prefer to believe they have all the answers and that they know best the way, I tell you, even the Pharisees believed in such a way. But the path I show you leaves no room for spiritual pride – only humility. The Chambers of My Heart open to nothingness, for herein lies no arrogance, self-righteousness, or unforgiveness. Approach this door in littleness and I will clothe you in virtue. I will feed you with the milk of many graces. I will support you in your crosses. The proud are the wayfarers, wandering the way of Satan. But those who will make themselves My little martyrs of love, I will lift high.”

“Make it known.”