September 6, 1997
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in pink and gray. She says: “Praise be Jesus. My angel, today I come to help you understand that My Son judges all actions, words, and thought patterns according to their motive in the heart. If the motive is Holy Love, then much merit is gained. If, however, the motive is self love, even though the exterior seems good, God will judge otherwise.”

“Today there is a movement in hearts towards unity – one religion, a common monetary system, and the like. But the motive is not a worthy motive. The inspiration comes from a need to control. The only unity that comes from God is based on love – Holy Love.”

“I cannot impress upon you too strongly the need to use Holy Love as your check and balance. It is by this rule countries should be governed and lives should be led.”

“Apathy does not come from God but from Satan. I am not calling you to be a social activist but to live My message and to spread it. Your surrender takes you deeper into My Heart. The Flame of Holy Love must consume the world lest the fire of justice does so.”

“I will be giving you all the grace you need to accomplish this. I am blessing you.”