March 24, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to lay bare the obstacles most common to the soul who first decides to choose Holy Love. Sometimes these are obstacles that remain with the soul all along his spiritual journey, as the soul does not recognize them.”

“The first is unforgiveness, which bears the evil fruit of a bitter heart. Thus when you first choose holiness you must forgive everyone. If you do not, the virtuous life will elude you.”

“The next obstacle is that of judging others. This is an open entrapment of Satan and stems from self-righteousness – a form of spiritual pride. This error has a sister, which is spiritual envy. A soul should never compare his spiritual progress to another.”

“Yet another obstacle to the spiritual journey is discouragement. When the soul's faults are revealed to him, instead of overcoming them in the present moment, he may be tempted to live in the past or the future. But sorrow for sin belongs in the present where the soul understands the fullness of My Mercy. Therefore, in the present the soul trusts that My Mercy over his past removes his guilt forever.”

“Understand that Satan does not want your holiness. He is eager for the soul to choose any obstacle through self will. Be aware of his actions and pitfalls. Discover them and avoid them.”

“I will bless you.”