March 28, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Take down these words. There are many in the world today who through Satan's deceit have formed false consciences. A false conscience is the fruit of a self-righteous heart. Such a soul allows the opinions of others to make decisions for him, i.e. ‘everyone does it'. Or he may regard himself as above others spiritually and incapable of error in judgment, even incapable of sin. There are many such as these who will have a rude awakening at the illumination of consciences.”

“But all of this is so easily remedied if they ask My Mother for the grace to look into their own hearts and discover the truth. Holy Love must be the measure by which truth and error are discovered. Holy Love must be the maxim by which all live.”

“A soul with a false conscience is inasmuch as trying to ascend the staircase of holiness without touching the steps. The hallmarks of such are pride, unforgiveness, and self-righteousness.”

“If the soul views himself as holy, humble, and living in the Divine Will perfectly, it is a sure sign of a false conscience.”

“I will ask you to make this known.”