March 28, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I have returned, My sister, to continue My instruction on the false conscience. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. The soul who has taken on a false or compromised conscience stands quite ready to forgive himself of anything and everything. He grabs ahold of any excuse for his behavior, whether it is real or presented to him by Satan. Worse yet, he does not recognize Satan's disguises or door of entry into his soul. He listens willingly to Satan's ‘logic' and begins to accept sin as normal behavior. The Evil One always dresses sin as attractive, easy, acceptable, and rewarding. He does not come to the soul looking like the evil that he is. He plays on the person's ego as though it were a finely-tuned piano. He uses love of self as the keyboard. He may say to the soul, ‘You deserve this or that. Look how hard you work and what little compensation you receive.' Or he may use this approach: ‘You must think of yourself. No one else will.' ‘You have prayed enough.' ‘You have had enough children.' ‘You deserve better.' ”

“It is this inordinate self-centeredness that leads the soul away from the axis of all good – Holy Love. I desire souls watch out for Satan – for the sign of his activity in their midst. If souls wait until they see his horns and smell smoke, it will be too late.”

“Please make this known.”