January 21, 2015
Anniversary of Mary, Protectress of the Faith
Mary, Protectress of the Faith

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, on the anniversary of My request to be recognized as the ‘Protectress of the Faith', I invite all people and all nations to take account of the state of the faith in the world today. It would only have taken the stroke of a pen to endorse this title, yet it was deemed unnecessary by those in power. So, today, you have a faith fractured by scandal – fanned by the abuse of authority, and rocked by the compromise of Truth to such a degree that the people embrace untruth wholeheartedly, no longer questioning its origin.”

“Under my title, ‘Protectress of the Faith', I was prepared to defend every heart from errors and doubt. My title has not been weakened by lack of approvals as I stand ready to guard and defend the faith in every heart. Yet, today, few know to come to Me as their Protectress. The title has been made obscured by those who could have supported and promoted it. The faith of those who tediously worked to oppose this title has been transformed by error.”

“I tell you these things today with sadness as I watch My children struggle in their attempts to maintain their faith. Do not allow this title to continue to fade into obscurity. Promote it. Propagate it. My grace will assist you.”

(Note: After checking with a theologian from the diocese, the bishop rejected Our Lady's request for the title ‘Protectress of the Faith' stating that there already were too many devotions to Blessed Mother and the saints. Our Lady requested this title from the Cleveland bishop in 1987.)