April 2, 2015
Holy Thursday
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“At the root of all weakened vocations is disordered self-love. Priests, Bishops, Cardinals who seek self-fulfillment through their vocations are easily thrown off track. Every vocation is given by God towards God's end – His purpose. The vocation is the personification of Holy Love. When the vocation weakens, it is because Holy Love in the heart weakens.”

“The fact that there are factions within the ranks of professed religious these days does not personify Holy Love – but Satan's attacks. I long for My Church to be united in Holy Love.”

“Lose sight of self – you who say you serve Me. Lose sight of ambition, personal agendas, greed for power or money. In humility, serve Me – your God. Thou shalt not have false gods before thee.”