May 10, 2015
Mother’s Day
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

“Our Lady comes seated on a throne with many angels around Her. She says, “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I come to you not only as Refuge of Holy Love, but also as Mother of all people and all nations. The anguish of My Heart is that motherhood is not esteemed in the world today, but seen as something you should be allowed to reject through free will. There is no more lofty a goal than that of being a good mother. A good mother is unselfish and untiring in her care for her children. She raises her children in Holy Love – the foundation of their salvation. A good mother knows when to guide and when to let go as a good leader should.”

“These days, parenting in Holy Love is the solution to future problems which will arise in the next generation. It is the way politics will not be allowed into religious leadership and civil leaders will not succumb to evil decisions.”

“As Mother of all people and all nations, I bid you listen.”