November 25, 1999

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Child, I wish to describe to you today the soul who is deepest in My Heart. Such a soul is consumed with love for Me. He can refuse Me nothing because of this love. The eagerness of each soul to surrender all things to Me is a measure of his love. If he gives Me much but begrudgingly, this is a sign that his love is not fully developed. Such a soul cannot be at peace.”

“But the soul that dwells deep within Me is at peace and sees the Father's Will in all things. Such a one cannot be buffeted about by Satan's deceptions and tactics. At the same time, he does not hold himself above those less advanced in love than he is. He lovingly prays for their enlightenment. False accusations and insults do not affect him. These too he surrenders to Me. My gentle caress rests upon these souls. They are My own. You will please make this known.”