August 8, 2015
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The journey towards salvation is a continual search for the Truth. Many are lost along the way as they settle for a compromised Truth – a Truth that suits their own agenda.”

“The reality of Truth as it resounds in the human heart bears the fruit of peace – of unity – of joy. That which opposes your peace is not of Me and in some way is nurtured in untruth.”

“The soul must always keep before him the purpose of Holy Love. With Holy Love as a motive for his thoughts, words and deeds, he will never lose sight of the Truth.”

“Truth is the nutrient of your salvation just as fertilizer is to a plant. Plants without nutrients wither and die. Souls without Truth do not reach salvation.”

“The source of all good embraces Truth. The Eternal Now* is all Truth.”

* Refer to Message of February 6, 2007.