August 29, 2015
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The reason Holy Love is so important in the world today is because it is diametrically opposed to evil. This is also the reason it is so calumnized and misunderstood. Satan wages his war on good by confusing good and evil. Holy Love defines good and exposes evil. This makes Holy Love a prime target of evil.”

“You cannot fight the enemy unless you first recognize him. Most today are not even looking for the enemy of their souls. My Mother weeps copious tears for this cause. If only Her tears could extinguish the flames of evil in the world today. It takes many and various sacrifices and prayers just to expose the inner workings of any one evil. You need only to look at the world of politics today to know this is true.”

“My plea today is that you persevere in Holy Love – the monitor of good versus evil. It is through Holy Love you will be given the grace to know where your prayers are needed.”