December 10, 1999

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My child, I come today to help the people realize that this apparition site is given as a bastion of strength in these most uncertain times. It is here the faint-hearted will be encouraged. It is here the faithful will find My provision and My Mother's protection. It is here the sinner will be convicted and converted – the lost lamb found.”

“I have not come to you because all believe, but because few believe. Those who come here only to alleviate their burdens in life will find much more. Every cross that is given is allowed through the Will of My Father for a reason. His reasons are perfect. Give praise to Him.”

“I come to you to draw all people through the portal of My Sacred Heart, the chambers of which await all humanity. It is through the chambers of My Heart the world will come into harmony with the eternal plan. I have awaited this point in time to reveal to the world this Divine Plan. In Our United Hearts all truth knits together.”

“It is in Our United Hearts the soul of the world will beat in harmony with the Divine Will of God.”

“Today at My speaking the heartbeat of the world is not synchronized with the Eternal Will. This is the reason I have waited for you, My child. I have long awaited the hour of this revelation through you to the world. You must please make this known.”