December 11, 1999

“I am Mary, ever Virgin. Praise be to Jesus. Tonight, on the eve of My addressing all people and all nations, I have come to you to address My Missionary Servants of Holy Love.”

“My children, My dear, dear children. I am calling you to climb the Mount of Tabor with Me and to be transfigured body and soul through the fire of Divine Love. This is the Flame which burns and does not extinguish. It is the Flame that renews life, but does not take it. This Fire of Divine Love does not turn to ash, but molds and reshapes every heart that surrenders to it.”

“It is the Flame that lights the way on the path of holiness which is one with the path of self-surrender. You cannot come to Me and hold on to the old. You must put on the new. Let your new vestment be formed in the Flame of Divine Love, for this is a garment that never becomes worn with time, only strengthened. This vestment of Divine Love never becomes soiled – only if you yourself should will it. But because Divine Mercy and Divine Love burn together in My Son's Heart, your garment of Divine Love – which is your own heart – can be refurbished when you request it.”

“You will please make it known.”