November 1, 2015
Mary, Queen of All Saints

Our Lady comes dressed in gold. She says she is Queen of All Saints. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, dear children, I come to address the topic of jealousy, for it is the root cause of many of earth's woes. Jealousy is the cause of much self-centered ambition which produces an unhealthy spirit of competition – not of God. Jealousy is the basis of all persecution. Jealousy is the cause of so much compromise of Truth and abuse of authority.”

“It is jealousy – based on insecurity – which encourages sins against God's Commandments. A jealous soul is never satisfied with what he has, but always wants more. He is always comparing himself to others – a great error if carried into spirituality, for it is God alone Who determines the distribution of graces.”

“In order to overcome jealousy, the soul needs to take account of the many ways he has been individually blessed. No two graces are alike. Each soul is given an abundance of God's grace, unlike anyone else, to help him along the way. If the soul who is open to a jealous spirit begins to adopt a thankful spirit, he will make great strides.”