December 18, 1999
Jesus Christ

Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Child, I desire now to describe to you the depths of the soul who resides in the Fourth Chamber of My Sacred Heart. Such a soul desires to be in this Chamber more than anything else. Through his desire to be united with Me, he has surrendered all his own wants – that is to say, his own will. Such a soul knows full well his littleness before God. He does not seek laud or recognition for any good deed, for he knows all goodness flows from God. In his humility he desires hiddenness. He longs for littleness in the eyes of the world. Thus, the soul is steeped in humility and meekness. When the soul experiences any trial, he returns it immediately to Me. Therefore, we share each cross together.”

“The soul in the Fourth Chamber of My Heart does not know fear. He is always at peace, even in the midst of the greatest trial. In every present moment such a soul sees God's Holy and Divine Will. The Fourth Chamber of My Heart is the ultimate goal of every soul, though few attain it. Each Chamber preceding this Fourth and Last Chamber makes the soul desire perfect union more and more. This Fourth Chamber is comprised of the living martyrs of love. You will please make this known.”