January 24, 2016
Feast of St. Francis deSales
St. Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Love is the greatest of all the virtues. It is the expression of all the other virtues. Without Holy Love in the heart all the other virtues are false. Because Holy Love is the Truth, it searches out the Truth in all situations and does not settle for what is most popular or the easiest to believe.”

“The reason there is strife in the world today is that Holy Love in the heart is not valued and seen as the solution. Therefore, pursuit of personal holiness is devalued. If you have not love in your heart, you are morally bankrupt.”

“Holy Love knows no pretense. It is always genuine and sincere. It holds no personal or hidden agenda towards its own advantage. Holy Love is the foundation of hope and trust. Those who have not love cannot trust.”