December 31, 1999
Message for All Nations
Jesus Christ

Jesus is here and He says, “I am Jesus, born Incarnate.” Blessed Mother is here and She says: “I am Mary, ever Virgin. Praise be to Jesus.” A message was given. Jesus continues: “This is a message for all nations.”

“It is impossible to live in peace unless all nations are reconciled with their Creator. No one can be reconciled to God outside of God's Will – outside of the Commandments of Love – that is, Holy Love.”

“This is why the world experiences war, disease, famine, and ‘natural' disasters. All of these events come into the world because people and nations are not in harmony with God. The world has made a god of self – a false god. The love of selfish desires has become an abomination in the Eyes of God. Today I beseech all people and every nation to let their fulfillment be in Holy Love – the Gateway to the New Jerusalem. Let it be as well the gateway to the New Millenium.”