February 22, 2016
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Much of the confusion these days in regards to good versus evil is the bad fruit of secular and religious leadership intermingling. You can see this quite plainly in the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage. Secular leaders have given these sins their stamp of approval – making them seem acceptable. Religious leaders have not been vocal enough in defining these as sin.”

“Those given the vocation of religious leadership must lead spiritually towards the salvation of their flock. They must clearly and distinctly define good as opposed to sin. It is their obligation before God. There should be no confusion or gray areas. Religious leaders should not try to accommodate those in the political arena or those who demand the right to sin.”

“In Holy Love leaders must be united, but secular and religious leaders must never be united in error.”