March 1, 2016
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

I (Maureen) am shown a blanket floating in the air. It is frayed at the corners. Our Lady says: “Praise be to Jesus. Trust is like a coverlet which protects the heart from doubts and fears. When self-interest invades the heart through free will the coverlet of trust begins to unravel. This is so, for the soul lets himself begin to trust in his own efforts more than in God's Provision.”

“Every present moment – every human experience – is woven into the coverlet of trust to attain God's Will. It is in this way, when everything is accepted with trust in God's Will, that weaknesses become strengths in God's Plan. Trust does not allow any part of the present moment to be wasted on fear. Trust in God's Mercy does not allow guilt to take over the heart.”

“The more tightly woven the coverlet of trust over the heart, the more God is able to use the soul as His Instrument. God is the Master Weaver and He incorporates into each life reasons to trust in Him.”