March 16, 2016
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Listen carefully and believe in what I say. Those with religious vocations must not believe that their vocation saves them. It is a virtuous life which saves every soul. Title and authority in the world carry no weight at your judgment. However, you will be judged according to the fulfillment of your obligations to your flock.”

“You must be examples of holiness in the world. Many a one held in great esteem during their earthly journey, now suffer the eternal flames of hell. They did not endeavor to define sin as opposed to good. They brought politics into the religious world. In so doing, they made popularity with some a goal and distanced themselves from many a holy comrade in faith. They used their vocations for human purposes and rewards not to please God. They misused their authority not towards fulfilling God's Will but to control and manipulate.”

“I can see the good that has been bypassed by the ill use of vocations. I know the souls that have been poorly influenced and lost by such as these. I also see the ones who will not benefit from My words today and who will even take offense. Believe Me. It is your Heavenly Mother now speaking and calling you into the Light of the Truth.”

“Search your hearts. Do not mistakenly think that social justice fulfills God's Call to you. True justice enlightens every heart to recognize the difference between good and evil. Every soul has the right to be instructed in this. This is your call.”