January 5, 2000
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Their Hearts are exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praised be Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Many people come here and are drawn to this site of predilection because of the special exterior graces abundant here – the Heavenly lights, the sign of life in the statue of My Mother's Sorrows, the many healings, and miraculous photographs. All these and more are given, not in and of themselves, but to attract souls to the reason behind the apparitions, that is, the message itself. Some come only for what they can receive from Heaven, but refuse to give to Me their hearts.”

“It is through this message of Holy and Divine Love Heaven swings open the doorway to salvation. It is through this message the innermost chambers of My Heart are revealed.”

“It is in living this message mankind is reconciled with his Creator. It is in spreading this message the world moves closer to the triumph of Our United Hearts and the New Jerusalem.”

“If you remain unconvinced by what you see and feel here, I tell you, you have come with a desire in your heart to disbelieve. This wounds Me. It wounds the Heart of My Mother. Such a predisposition is not from Heaven.”

“There are other hearts that greatly offend Me as well. These are the hypocritical hearts who read all the messages but do not act on them. They do not live the message of Holy and Divine Love.”

“Then, there is the heart who in the name of discernment refuses to believe. Discernment is gathering all the facts and basing a conclusion on the truth. But do not jump to conclusions on hearsay. Do not rash judge not knowing the message I have come here to lay bare. My sole purpose for spreading favor here is the message of Holy and Divine Love. Allow this message to come into your hearts and your lives.”

“My brothers and sisters, this is how I desire you come to this prayer site: with your hearts open and your free will surrendered to the Divine Will of My Eternal Father.”

“Be ready to make changes in your lives and in your hearts as your consciences are convicted as to your spiritual weaknesses. I am ready to pour more grace into every heart than could ever be anticipated, when they come thus prepared.” The United Hearts Blessing is given.