January 10, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to encourage you. Let us compare the spiritual journey with that of an athlete. An athlete takes many steps before he is hailed as a champion. He may make many sacrifices and endure vigorous training until one day all things work together bringing him to his best effort. Now he always remembers the taste of victory and makes it his goal and his pursuit from then on.”

“The soul too, who endeavors towards sanctity, must put forth much effort and make numerous sacrifices. He must practice virtue and endure many tests. If he perseveres, the soul, like the athlete, is victorious. In that special moment when human effort and Heavenly grace come together, the soul is transported to the Fourth and Innermost Chamber of My Heart. His trophy is not cast of metal, but is sweet union with his God. He may not remain long in this Chamber but, like the athlete who tastes victory, the soul longs for this union with every breath. He may become weak in one area of his spiritual life and have to re-shape his heart over and over, just as an athlete must maintain a strong body.”

“But the sweetness of the soul's victory – no matter how brief – lingers with him. Like a favored melody, the memory of this most Intimate Chamber drifts back into the soul over and over calling to him. Do not be discouraged if your every effort is not worthy of this Fourth Chamber. Your whole life is a spiritual journey. Unlike the athlete, age is not your enemy. Every present moment is a new opportunity to win sanctity.”

“You will please make this known.”