January 15, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you see how pleasing the simplistic soul is to Me. Such a soul mounts quickly the stairway of holiness, perfecting himself in all the virtues. He directs every effort towards pleasing Me – even his failures – which he regards as a grace in disguise. Failures in virtue highlight your weak areas, areas to be worked on. The simple soul comprehends this. He is not afraid of disclosure of his faults, for he embraces humility of heart. He has no need to be held important in the eyes of others.”

“It is the simple soul who reaches the top of the stairway of virtues with greatest ease. At the top he finds a door. The door is Divine Love. He has been given the key to the door. The key, of course, is Holy Love. Having fulfilled the perfection of Holy Love, the simple soul passes easily into Divine Love. There I welcome him. I show him the chambers of My Heart. I invite him to take up repose in My Heart.”

“If this journey appears easy to you who hear of it, this means you have not attempted it. Take the journey with My angels. I am waiting.”