January 31, 2000
Jesus Christ

“My sister, I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to discourse with you concerning the chambers of My Heart. When a soul moves from Holy Love into Divine Love and the Second Chamber of My Heart, he receives a longing for a deepening of the virtues. The soul is developing a desire for holiness, but is uncertain as to how to attain it.”

“It is during the soul's stay in this Chamber that My grace comes to him, enticing him to a more devout life. When the soul's spiritual desires become spiritual needs from a more pure love, the soul moves into the Third Chamber of My Heart. It is in this Third Chamber of My Heart that I inspire souls to sanctity through a more perfect union and conformity with the Divine Will. The soul can move as deeply into My Heart as he desires. The more he strips himself of self love, the deeper he grows in virtue and into the Chambers of My Heart.”

‘I am opening the door to the sanctuary of My Heart to every soul.”

“Please Me by making this known.”