February 1, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. You have heard Me say many times that inordinate self love is the instrument Satan uses to oppose Holy Love. Let Me detail in its entirety this obstacle to personal holiness.”

“Inordinate means disordered or excessive. When the soul does not pay much heed between wants and needs, it is a sign of this disordered love. This would be evident in how the soul makes use of and regards the goods of the world, such as clothing, housing, food and the like.”

“But there are other signs of inordinate self love. Fear is one. This is why. The soul caught up in fear, whether it is fear of the future or worry over past sins, in effect is telling Me ‘I don't trust you. I only trust myself.' The more the soul withdraws from Me and places confidence in his own efforts, the more I withdraw from him and My grace eludes him. (Hypochondria and scruples are signs of this fear.)”

“Another area of inordinate self love is unforgiveness. This is a grave sin. It draws the soul's attention in on himself (‘poor me') and away from Me. Such a soul is not living the law of Holy Love. He is deflecting the gift of My Mercy in his own soul through his own lack of forgiveness towards his neighbor. As you judge, so shall you be judged.”

“Here is another sure sign of self love. It is self-righteousness. This person is in love with his own opinion. More than that, he believes everyone else is wrong. Perhaps you are leading a good and holy life according to Holy Love. But, I tell you, self-righteousness reflects another sign of disordered love which is fear of loss of reputation. Such a soul is not simplistic, but cares very much about his reputation. He loves esteem and honor. He is tempted to say and do many things which compromise the law of love so that others may have high regard for him.”

“If you meditate on what I have said to you today, it will become easier to make the consecration of Divine Love giving to Me your health, your appearance, and your comforts.”

“Make this known to the world. I will bless you.”