September 13, 2016
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“This is a moment in time unlike any other. Every present moment is unique, but this present day carries earmarks of an apocalyptic age. The melting pot of sin is boiling over. I call it a melting pot, for every type of amoral behavior is now regarded as a right. Those who call to task the sinner are themselves set upon and attacked and given every sort of label.”

“These Remnant however, the ones who support the Commandments, are the ones staying the Hand of God's Justice. Without these righteous few, the world would be facing far greater turmoil than it has ever known.”

“Through modern technology and communications mankind has been given the Truth, but he chooses to reject it in the favor of satisfying his own will. He does not look to God for direction or answers, but picks his way through one bad decision after another.”

“Dear children, I encourage you to persevere as warriors of Truth amidst Satan's confusion. Do not be deterred by who accepts Truth or who does not. Pray for unbelievers. Some are dangerous. All are following Satan.”