February 15, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come so that you may better understand Satan's influence in hearts. If there is much pride in a heart, it is so easy for Satan to use the person as his willing tool, for pride (Satan's hallmark) begets unforgiveness. Unforgiveness begets bitterness. Bitterness is the enemy that leads to calumny, detraction, anger, and many other obstacles on the path of Holy Love.”

“The soul who pays little heed as to the direction they are being led is fair game for Satan's lies. You cannot allow Satan any present moment. This is what leads to Satan's entry into the present moment: resentments, jealousies, ambition, self pity, and a competitive spirit. If the soul does not look for these signs in his heart, Satan will win over many present moments.”

“Many who wish to make themselves more important will find themselves made little through the grace of My Mother's Heart. For I do not come to lead you to greatness in this life, but in the next.”

“You will please make this known.”