February 17, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I desire to be with you. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you see that just as your salvation depends on Holy Love, your perfection in holiness depends on your surrender to Holy Love. The more you are perfected in love, the more closely you are united to the Divine Will of My Father. Verily I tell you, union with the Divine Will is perfection in Holy Love. I desire every heart become a tabernacle of Divine Love.”

“As I underwent My Passion and Death, I saw this Mission take form and it was a great consolation. Because this Mission directly opposes Satan's kingdom in the world, you have been tried and tested. And because My Hand is upon it, the Mission has been delivered from the test. While you still undergo opposition, it is not as threatening as before, and I stand ready to spread the favor of these Messages throughout the world.”

“Within this message is the Alpha and the Omega. No one passes through the narrow gate outside of Holy Love. For who can abide with Me in My Father's Kingdom that does not love God and neighbor? So, I have come to help you understand the choices you must make to attain salvation. Through My Mother, I have given your salvation the title of Holy Love. Through My Words to you, I help you to see that your sanctity is the perfect fulfillment of Holy Love – it is Divine Love.”

“I invite every soul to pass through the Chambers of Divine Love and to imitate My Heart of hearts. How I desire souls understand the Inner Sanctum of My Divine Heart that suffered, died, and was buried for them. It is not only you, My sister, but others I will ask to spread this message. Each one who hears it must be an apostle for Me – must be an evangelizer to the people around them.”

“I am opening doors that you do not see. Many tongues will confess the truths I have revealed through you.”

“You will make this known.”