February 21, 2000
Jesus Christ


Jesus says: “I have come to share this with you. I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My messenger, understand that My Heart is unlike any other. For herein lies no boundary or restriction of time, as you know it on earth. Within the Fourth Chamber of My Heart, united to the Divine Will of My Father, are all the angels of Heaven – Yes! – myriads upon myriads of angels. Moreover, within this Chamber is every soul in Heaven. Think of it! Every saint is here in My Heart – in the Will of the Father. This is why I tell you, you can obtain Heaven on earth when you live in My Father's Divine Will. All the other Chambers are but preparation for this Fourth Chamber. In the other Chambers, the souls are trying to conform to the Divine Will through conviction of conscience and elimination of self love. But the victory and sanctification of every soul is this cherished Fourth Chamber of My Most Sacred Heart.”

“You will please make it known.”