February 23, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My messenger, unless you understand that the Cross is love, you cannot understand the Divine Will of My Father. Your heart can never resemble My own Heart, indeed you cannot come deep into the Chambers of My Heart, until you understand the Cross.”

“The Cross is often bittersweet. I Myself prayed that this cup pass Me by. The Cross is often perplexing. Humanly, you do not see God's plan in it. But just as My Cross, which seemed defeat, proved a Victory, so too the Father has a master design for every present moment in your life as well. Sometimes He uses the Cross to correct. Other times the cross gives re-direction or pulls you back on the just path. Very often the cross is given a person so that others may benefit. This is best achieved when you imitate Me by offering your suffering for the sins of others. Then I am able to approach the sinner with new opportunities of grace for conversion.”

“In the Cross you must always see My Victory in disguise. Accept all things as from the Hands of God then. This is the Father's Holy and Divine Will for you.”

“Make it known.”