November 28, 2016
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to you today as Prince of Peace seeking the settlement of the heart of the world in Holy Love. Everything which opposes Holy Love opposes peace. I do not discount anyone who chooses not to believe, even if they use obedience as a reason. Unbelievers weaken the chain of love that I am attempting to wrap around the heart of the world. No matter the reason not to believe, disbelief weakens good.”

“You must understand the urgency of these times in order to understand the urgency of My Call to you to accept and live in Holy Love. Every effort in good is countered by Satan's lies, as he misrepresents evil as good. Satan uses the legal system and religions to oppose Christian values.”

“As your nation is pieced back together, the Truth of Holy Love will need to be the glue which holds it together. I am asking the heart of your nation to become a viable vessel of Holy Love – a countersign in an evil age, just as My Mother's Heart is. Let the heart of this nation become a sign to all nations of peace and security through Holy Love.”