December 26, 2016
Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Blessed Mother comes holding Baby Jesus. He has two Fingers up as though giving a blessing. Our Lady says: “My Son came into the world to reign over good and evil, rich and poor, those who live in Holy Love and those who do not. Mankind's acceptance or rejection of His Dominion does not alter that.”

“He holds in His tiny Heart the resolution to every mystery known to man. However, these answers elude those who trust too much in human effort and not in humble submission to their Creator. The One Who created everything came into the world without fanfare, in squalor, yet transformed the hearts of millions. His Birth and His Life did not fit into the social character of the times or reflect the Kingship of His Dominion. Yet in living in the Truth, without compromise, He fulfilled His Holy Mission.”

“Today, He comes to bless every effort in Holy Love. Pray for all unbelievers that they accept the miracle of His Birth and live in Holy Love, which is the Truth.”