October 22, 2010
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(A Poor Soul)

“All praise be to Jesus – Glory to Mary, Queen and Mother. I come as I have been sent – to dictate to you messages about Purgatory. Do not reject this grace.”

(Maureen: I see an old woman in charred clothing and I smell smoke. She has appeared many times before but has never spoken – so I ignored her.)

Poor Soul: “Purgatory should not be feared, daughter, but seen as a grace. But at the same time, souls should do all in their power to avoid imprisonment here. This is a place of reparation for sins that are forgiven but not atoned for. At the same time, it is a place of preparation for entrance to eternal joy. Here, the soul is perfected if he has not been perfected in the world. The soul is made beautiful in the Eyes of God.”

“Because this is a place which prepares the soul to be in God’s Presence, it is also a place of separation from God, and this is the greatest suffering of all. The soul, at his last judgment, is in God’s Presence, and even temporary separation from this Perfect, Eternal Love is agonizing.”

“The prayer that moves the souls most rapidly through Purgatory is the Holy Mass; next is the Holy Rosary. No one needs to believe in Purgatory to be assigned there. Purgatory is a reality – does exist – and disbelief is not an avoidance of this place of reparation. Disbelief, however, if it is dictated by your tenets of faith, can be a reason for a longer stay.”

“I will speak soon about various crimes that lead a soul into Purgatory.”

October 23, 2010
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(A Poor Soul)

(This is the same poor soul that appeared with Jesus yesterday.)

The poor soul says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“There are basically three forms of suffering in the regions of Purgatory. One is physical, and can be as intense as the fires of Hell. That is the lowest region. Along with this physical fire is the feeling of extreme desolation or loneliness. As the soul moves to the next level, he does not suffer so much physically as he suffers this emotional abandonment, and along with it, the spiritual suffering of being separated from God. The level of Purgatory closest to Heaven is the region where the only suffering is the longing to be united with The Eternal Now – The Eternal Good. This longing is intense.”

“The souls in Purgatory suffer also from not being aware of the passage of time or how long they will be where they are. When they are prayed for or sacrifices are offered for them, their sufferings are somewhat relieved, and they are allowed some insight as to their tenure in any one circumstance. This is why prayer and sacrifice are so important to us – the poor souls.”

Note: Later this evening Our Lady visited Maureen and said: “You’re asking about the name of the poor soul who visits; her name is Rachel.”

Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(A Poor Soul)

(Jesus comes with the poor soul that was here yesterday.) He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. The reason this soul is coming here and relaying messages about Purgatory is to help souls in the world today to realize that the free will choices they make in every present moment affect their eternity. If souls would understand this in their hearts, there would be no personal agendas contrary to My Father’s Divine Will.”

(Now Jesus leaves and the poor soul begins to speak.) She says: “Praise be to Jesus. Daughter, every soul in Purgatory is there due to imperfections in Holy Love. This is because it is flaws in Holy Love that result in every sin – from the small sin of impatience to murder or sins of the flesh. The more the heart resembles Holy Love at his judgment, the shorter his stay in Purgatory.”

“Many, many are here simply because they tried to please themselves or man rather than God. They suffer desolation. Depending upon their crimes against Holy Love, they are assigned to a certain level of reparation in Purgatory. Poor souls can no longer help themselves. They cannot advance to a more comfortable level by themselves, nor can they shorten their time. They are completely dependent upon the Church Militant – on their good will.”

“Sins of the flesh and sins of the tongue have their own unique levels of reparation. More souls are in Purgatory today for detraction and calumny than any other crime. If you know someone that has fallen in such a way, pray for his conversion.”

“I will continue to come to you as long as it is God’s Will.”

October 24, 2010
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(Rachel – The Poor Soul)

Rachel (the poor soul who has been appearing to Maureen this week) comes. She says: Praise be to Jesus. I wish to thank everyone who has been praying for me; I am closer to Heaven now. See.” (She motions towards her clothes which are not as shabby looking.)

“I wanted to let the people know that the poor souls – while they suffer much – still have a profound inner peace deep within their hearts, for they know they are saved and will eventually be welcomed into Paradise for all eternity.”

“Their sufferings are made bearable by virtue of this knowledge. These souls realize Purgatory is indeed a grace. The souls here, of which I am one, desire to be purified no matter the intensity of the flames – the desolation or the longing for God’s Presence. They realize that purification is their passport into Heaven.”

“Please understand that no sacrifice, no matter how small if offered with love for the souls in Purgatory, is unworthy. These souls await the smallest prayer – the most seemingly insignificant sacrifice which, given with love – renders relief and consolation.”

“I pass this information on to you as a grace for the relief of many. Those who practice charity towards us – the poor souls – will find their own Purgatory mitigated.”

October 26, 2010
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(A Poor Soul)

The poor soul, Rachel, comes. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Please understand, and help others to understand, that while there is emotional and spiritual suffering in Purgatory, there is also very intense physical suffering. At the very lowest level, the flames are as intense as the eternal flames of Hell. Satan, who is the enemy of all souls, always wants the worst for each soul. If he cannot drag the sinner into his hellfire, then he tries to influence the soul to earn long hours in the fires of Purgatory.”

“Knowing this, souls should try to overcome the slightest imperfection so as to earn a speedy reward in Heaven for all eternity. Cooperate always with grace and do not allow evil to influence you. Let the Lord take dominion over every present moment.”

October 27, 2010
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(Rachel – Previously A Poor Soul)

Rachel comes and she’s all in white. She looks radiant. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Please allow me to thank the people who prayed me into Heaven. I was in Purgatory many years for the sin of not examining the errors in my own heart, and not trying to correct them. There are thousands, even millions, still imprisoned there for the same reason. They, like me, were given the grace to recognize their errors but did not take the call to conversion to heart. Their words and actions led to the loss of many souls.”

“Please let the people know that examination of conscience is very important.”

“Thank you!”

Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

(Rachel – Previously A Poor Soul)

Rachel says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“If there is only one thing – one fruit – of my visits to you, I would want it to be this — the knowledge that every thought, word and action is liable to God’s Judgment, and deserving of His Mercy. Souls need to do more than recognize their faults and failings. They must – with their free will – act to overcome them. It is this failure to seek perfection in the Eyes of God that sends countless numbers to the confines of Purgatory.”

“Jesus desires that the following prayer be propagated:”

“Dear Jesus, grant me the grace of self-knowledge so that by looking into my own heart with humility, I will discover my weaknesses in Holy Love. Then give me the grace of courage to try to overcome my faults so that I will not have to be purified of them in Purgatory. Amen.”

November 2, 2011
Rachel (Former Poor Soul of Purgatory)

Rachel says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“You know me as Rachel. When I was in Purgatory, I was greatly helped by your prayers and the prayers of those you informed about me. I have been allowed to return to you today to plead the cause of so many millions still in the bowels of Purgatory that no one prays for.”

“You can never offer too many prayers for the poor souls. Purgatory is densely populated. The greatest suffering of these souls is to be separated from the Trinity Whom they now realize to be the One Most Worthy of their affection and ardor. It is much like being in prison, longing to go home, but unable to do so.”

“The poor souls, whose release you acquire, are ever grateful and pray for your intentions without ceasing. So, you see, we are good friends, both in life and in death. Though the benefits of your generosity towards the poor souls is most often unrecognizable, I tell you, these fruits are all around you. Learn to call upon the suffering souls and souls you assisted in being delivered from Purgatory, as you would your guardian angel.”

“These souls can help expedite situations ensnared by Satan’s confusion. They can bring the light of truth into darkness. They can encourage in righteousness those tempted to sin. In short, such souls are strong intercessors between Heaven and earth.”

“Once again, I come to thank all who prayed for me. Please know I am your Rachel – your intercessor before the Throne of God.”