April 20, 2000
Public – Meditations on Joyful Mysteries
Jesus Christ



“Mary's surrender to the Divine Will of God unites Holy & Divine Love for the first time in the world.”


“My Mother believed in the message of the angel and left in haste for the visit with Her cousin. She lived to fulfill the Divine Will of My Father.”


“The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst all people. The Word came into being at the command of the Eternal Father. The Incarnate Word is the Will of God.”


“Mary and Joseph lived in obedience to the Divine Will and thus those in authority over them. They willingly cooperated with tradition in taking Me to the temple to be blessed.”

Jesus Is Lost in the Temple

“The fire of Divine Love within My Breast urged Me to remain in the temple to speak and teach. I was on fire with Divine Love. I could think of nothing but My Father in Heaven.”

April 21, 2000
Public – Meditations on Sorrowful Mysteries
Jesus Christ

Agony in the Garden

“I suffered the Agony in the Garden for those who were obstinate in their choices against their own salvation. I saw the great numbers of souls who would fall to their perdition despite My sacrifice.”

Scourging at the Pillar

“I suffered the mortification of the Scourging for those who commit sins of the flesh.”

Crowning with Thorns

“I submitted to the Crowning with Thorns for those who have a proud heart. These are the ones whose thoughts, words, and actions are centered on self.”

Carrying of the Cross

“I carried the Cross with great love in My Heart for sinners. Each step was for more souls. Every fall was for the lukewarm. My last fall was for lukewarm priests.”


“My Mother's presence at the foot of the Cross gave Me strength to embrace the Cross. My Mother will intercede for all those who seek strength in embracing their own crosses.”

“Make all of this known.”

April 23, 2000
Easter Sunday – Meditations of Glorious Mysteries
Jesus Christ



“I opened the door to Heaven for all people, all nations, through My life, death, and Resurrection. My prayer today is that each soul opens the door of his heart to the message of Holy Love.”


“I left My apostles and My Mother with the promise of remaining with them until the end of time. And so, understand I am with you still in the mystery of the Eucharist, the Bread of Angels. Recognize Me clothed in this attire.”

Descent of the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit descended suddenly upon the apostles where they were assembled gripped in fear. Allow the same Holy Spirit to work in your hearts today. Open your hearts to holy boldness. Proclaim from the rooftops and from the depths of your hearts the message of Holy and Divine Love.”


“My Mother was taken body and soul into Heaven because from the moment of Her conception the love in Her Heart was without blemish. In Her there was no anger, jealousy, or unforgiveness. Her Heart is God's Holy and Divine Will. Imitate the Holy Love in Her Heart now in this present moment.”

Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

“As Queen of Heaven, Queen of earth, My Mother awaits the arrival in Heaven of each one of Her children. The myriads of angels which attend Mary fall prostrate at Her feet. As Mary moves about Heaven the angels support the arm that carries her scepter of love, and carry Her mantle, gently placing it around Her where She comes to stand.”